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Amazing! Very focused and keeps me on track. Helped us go from 60 deals to 200 in one year.

~ Dustin Parker ~

Nominated for Realtor Magazine's 30-under-30 Award

Joe's coaching is intuitive and on target. My business went from 9 transactions to being on track for 50 in two years. Now I have a team member, my own office space, an art gallery and am in the process of adding to my team.

~ Marguerite Apostolas ~

After 12+ years in the business Coach Joe Mendoza has helped me to take my business to the next level. He is patient, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with.

~ Chris Remmes ~

I am truly fortunate to have met Joe. He has been a real estate and business coach and most importantly a life coach. I now have a bigger vision and see the road to success and fortune much more clearly. He is always enthusiastic and on his 'A game'. He really has it in his heart to see people succeed in life.

~ Brian Kendrick ~

I have 3 times the business, came into coaching plateauing at $3 million. First year in coaching $9.2 million. So far in 2017 I'm at $7.7 million and still shooting for $14 million.

~ Amber Perry ~

He has helped me get through some tough times both in business and life. Joe is such a positive influence on my entire life, encouraging me to always perform at my best. He's taken me to the next level and given me the confidence to always reach for more.

~ Anthony Mosley ~

For GREAT Coaching, Accountability, and RESULTS! Mr. Batoon gives credit to his success from the leadership of his broker Joe Mendoza.

~ Dan Batoon ~

Joe is so positive and consistent. I look forward to the calls each week and miss them when it's an off-week. Joe's experience is valuable and I have learned from his experiences.

~ Matt Thomas ~

Joe, would, one, actually listen when I had an issue or come up upon a situation that I haven’t had before in my short term experience as a realtor and he’s been a realtor for twenty years, plus. So, he listened, he understands, he also is a fantastic problem solver. He’s also very motivating. He always has words of encouragement and can guide you in the right way. Through his coaching, he has given me discipline with a schedule. He’s made me understand the value of offering an abundance of not only experience and information but customer care. I was previously focused on my education so I had a lot of knowledge about my area of expertise, but I didn’t know how to showcase that. So, Joe helped me find my path in marketing and how to network, and how to make phone calls, scripts, what to say, that way it showcased the value in the information that I was providing clients so that I can build that long term report. It’s not just a one-on-one transaction. We are trying to build relationships.

~ Margaret Blaisdel Uth ~

We have had such a great experience with our coach, Joe Mendoza. Not only has this coaching program given us so many great ideas to implement in our business, but the events are such a great way to meet top agents from all over the country and around the world! We have been able to grow our business 300% over each of the past two years!

~ Rachel Parker ~

Joe's always full of great ideas. And just the right personality for our team which makes it easy to accept his coaching. We love Joe!

~ Wade Perry ~

He's my partner. Could not be where I am now without him. He is so motivating and upbeat. He has given me the direction and support I needed to take my business to the next level. With him by my side I know my business will continue to grow and crush it.

~ Liz Ryan ~

Loaded with great strategies and tips to crush the second quarter!

~ Jesse Hernandez ~

He is attentive to my goals and I feel he cares to help me reach those goals.

~ Rebecca Soto ~

He is genuine, really cares about his clients. Joe does not go through the motions, he makes it happen.

~ James Shanken ~

He’s awesome, motivating and my goals are that!!

~ Jacqueline Morales ~

David Wilson.jpg

Coach Joe Mendoza has been fantastic! I asked for someone who could think outside the box ... He's inspiring, creative and a true asset. He's allowed me to expand my company in ways I never imagined. Thanks for everything.

~ David Wilson ~

My coach, Joe Mendoza has helped me take my business from a practice to a real business. In the last 6 months, I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone, have grown my team, AND my Brokerage, and looking forward to more growth. 2017 was my best year ever, and I’ve already set my 2018 goals to DOUBLE 2017! Let’s go!!!

~ Geoff Zahler ~

Heather Stolz.jpg

I have grown my business by leaps and bounds by partnering with a coach. It takes the ability to be coach-able to succeed and to doing what you don't want to do. Being held accountable is remarkable for achieving greater levels of success. Thanks Joe Mendoza! I appreciate your ideas and guidance and reminders to show up and never give up!

~ Heather Stolz ~

TJ Almodovar.jpg

I am very fresh to coaching but in the last 4 months Joe has helped me transform my mindset and has kept me laser focused on exponential growth in my business.  4 months ago real estate was just a profession for me but now Joe has shifted my mindset to a business owner.  Joe is very knowledgeable, supportive, and responsive and he is exactly what I need to push me and my business to the levels I know I can achieve.  Thanks Joe!

~ T.J. Almodovar ~

Akshay Patel Business Picture.png

A coach who knows the everyday struggles of an agent. Joe brings more to the table and truly cares about his clients and his team; a team I am fortunate enough to be a part of!

~ Akshay Patel ~

Greg Benjamin.jpg

Trust Joe he will do everything in his power to help you... 
For sure!!

~ Greg Benjamin ~

Marla Morrison.jpg

Joe is a great business leader, entrepreneur, and public speaker. It has been exciting to watch his real estate company grow. You won't find a more driven team to help with your next purchase. I also appreciate his persistence to get the job done. I highly recommend him.

~ Marla Morrison ~

Ferdinand Piano.jpg

I've never connected with a coach before. Joe's coaching is very unique! He listens, asks questions, and makes suggestions. Keep up the great work.

~ Ferdinand Piano ~

Katy Cain.png

Joe, my coach, where do I start...let me tell you about Joe. I’ve been with him for a little while now and he took the business model that I had for myself and turned it 100% into drive mode to help me be accountable for what I needed to do to take my business to the next level and continues to do so when I ask him for insight on what I need to do. He gives me an instant reminder.

~ Katy Cain ~

Debbie Curran.jpg

I am excited to be working with Joe, his upbeat and positive attitude along with helping me to be focused on what I need to do to grow and maintain my business has been great. Our coaching calls encompass a variety of conversations that encourage and challenge me to be confident that I can achieve my goals.

~ Debbie Curran ~

Brian Irvin.jpg

Joe knows how to use my background and strengths to challenge me to be successful.

~ Brian Irvin ~

Judy Hearst.jpg

He’s a good coach and he cares.

~ Judy Hearst ~

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